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dashChat is dash design's 30-minute quarterly interview design podcast series hosted by David Ashen.  It is a platform where we cover topics of interest with noted brand development, design experts and other industry thought leaders. Join us!

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David McCaslin, Executive Vice President of HHM Hospitality joins David Ashen, our host and founder of dash design, and designer, Vasiliki Zannettis, to discuss the renovation of the Freepoint Hotel located in Cambridge, MA.

Cheryl Beall David Ashen Retail Design.jpg

David Ashen chats with Cheryl Beall, founder of Retail 101 International, about creating a lasting impression, what sets brands apart, and much more in this wide-ranging discussion.

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dashChat© Mini is an abbreviated version of the original podcast called dashChat©. This segment, in under 10 minutes, will be hosted by Maritza Zapata, Director of Marketing for dash design, and her guest Lily Genis, dash design’s Material Specialist and Resource Librarian. Learn tips on what firms are looking for and what’s bringing a twinkle to Lily’s eye these days.

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For our first episode, David chats with Stacy Shoemaker Rauen, the editor-in-chief of Hospitality Design, on brand confusion in hospitality. Among the topics they address: Are there too many brands in the industry today? Is this confusing the audience? Who are the industry mavericks? What are they doing, what sets them apart? Lots to discuss – so, sit back, relax and enjoy!