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Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market

Restaurant Design in Fort Collins, CO

This unique and emerging brand owned by Sage Restaurant Group, was created to provide a familiar and inclusive sense of place that would not only appeal to The Elizabeth Hotel guests’ and locals alike. The style-busting concept is both a retail market as well as an American-brasserie style restaurant with a heavy focus on wine and highlights the community and its local entrepreneur offering.

Guests can get anything from a go-to-coffee at Bowerbird, or a quick lunch in the market’s eclectic lounge, or have a celebratory dinner in the main dining room at the restaurant. Creating a small-town feel that reflects and showcases Fort Collin’s vibrant character was critical in the design of the space.

Restaurant_Design_Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market_Dining 02.jpg
Restaurant_Design_Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market_Dining.jpg
Photography by Daryl Love and Andrew Bordwin

Photography by Daryl Love and Andrew Bordwin